334) The other races don't interest me as much as I thought they would.
333) That's right, Eleanor's basically wearing a peasant's outfit.

332) Ananda was talking about her comment, but no matter.

331) Eleanor has problems with authority, how surprising.

330) My special red paint is all wonky, but look at the awesome texture!

329) It is so damned red in here, but the drow don't allow decorative paint.

328) I went out of my way to say "wolfermelon" in this comic. You're welcome.

327) Only Ananda remembered the name Kretzin. Lucky Trix.

326) There are no guard rails because I would have hated drawing them.

325) So its been at least a month since we've seen the Sping!

324) I need to get more bold with the color. No more washes!

323) Way to keep them contained, you guys, seriously

322) The guy in the fourth panel is going to steal Kretzin's door.

321) This is why she was such a fat cat

320) Krayden quit with the excitement people have DIED

319) Man am I proud of this page. That inking took forever, but totally worth it.

318) I apologize for panel four. Exposition's mostly finished now.

317) Mark you look like a raccoon

316) Everybody loves a claustrophobic kitty

315) Part 5 will be in watercolor; here are the first crappy attempts.

314) And we're back, baby!

313) Denethor's really banged up, he didn't even set the place on fire before leaving
312) I tried my best! Aughakfnkgba he's so dirty
311) Krayden's doing a trawling spell. I did my best, sorry.
310) I like how the miniatures in the third panel came out
309) Lots of everything going on forever in this
308) Oh hi, Mark. Long time no see.
307) That's what I look like when Maddie startles me
306) Drying pens make decent forcefields
305) Everything I have to say is spoiler-y
304) There's a lot of smells in this comic. I have no sense of smell.
303) Portal magic stuff is his specialty, FIRE is rebellion
302) Hey, last time we saw him, he was strangling some random elf!
301) Yay, the worst Zink page ever drawn
300) A cat licked this page! Second to last panel!
299) I HOPE YOU HAVE A REACTION TO THIS (amusement would be ideal)
298) Could've made their weakening state a bit more obvious...
297) "I think I'll freehand circles in ink! I think I'm an idiot!"
296) Who thought Eleanor would be the one to do this?!
295) This didn't use as much vine charcoal as I thought it would
294) The best part of using traditional mediums is the hand-written text.
293) By the way, she's fourteen here.
292) I don't think any amount of cooking will remove that...
291) She's part of the anti-male faction, but only for the free cookies
290) No nudity! Bwa ha ha!
289) It's Jack! Jack is Ananda's dearest friend. He steals hair gel supplies.
288) Politics is Eleanor's crack
287) More civility, same stupidity.
286) One of the side effects of growing up where there is complete respect for ghosts
285) And Cleo is pushed past the limits of awkwardness and decides to intervene!
284) Racist dumbfucks, all of them
283) Cloud bullies is a terrible name for people who massacred you
282) Alright, if the eewa glow was really that bright, they wouldn't be able to see.
281) HA! I wonder if anyone noticed the mistake before.
280) Thicker black lines, as suggested by UltimateLife234!
279) There's a lot being alluded to in this page. Don't worry
278) This comic has been quite Ananda-centric lately, hasn't it? Hm.
277) I think I'm finally getting the hang of charcoal! : D
276) Each panel took a full hour.
275) I am fond of the panel layout
274) If Mark was there, he'd tell them that place is being held together by guilt and magic
273) Eleanor has done extensive research on feline genetics
272) It's ok Cleo, I don't understand how people can't be up at seven either
271) I should've made the borders the traditional white
270) Great story, angsty bro. Tell me more.
269) Nine-panel talky comic goes blah blah blah wait WHAT did you say?!
268) NO VIOLENCE?! The harder choice here
267) I'm sure nobody saw VIOLENCE coming, nope not a one
266) Guess who got new pens! Guess who hates said pens!
265) This page was supposed to have two more panels in it
264) Ananda has a highly-tuned sense of who's withholding information
263) Panel six is the cutest Jaylene I've ever drawn
262) The gnomes are well aware of other's creation stories for them.
261) OMG you guys shut up, Parapoxia's trying to terrify us!
260) Eleanor didn't realize whatever she drew there was hilarious
259) Second panel is what everyone who hasn't read the Shintullah looks like
258) Jaylene talking to Eleanor is a big friggin' deal right there
257) Those middle panels would make a great Valentine's day card...
256) Eleanor's being a brat, you have my permission to smack her
255) They're not *completely* racist, they just don't know
254) This page is all about the pros and cons of exposition
253) You WILL compliment her haircut, else you suffer DIRE CONSEQUENCES.
252) Krayden's there to make sure her ears aren't inadvertantly exposed. Mestizo.
251) He practiced that last line for proper smugness in the foreign language.
250) Yes, go TOWARDS the screaming animal. Moron.
249) It's kinda fun seeing Mark irresponsible
248) True story, except with FIFTY burros
247) Whatchu lookin' at, bitch?
246) There's nothing quite like having your shelter collapse in the middle of the night, heh
245) Ha ha, he's hated boats ever since this story was conceived!
244) The random cactus is a real-life source of confusion
242) I really liked drawing Eleanor in the last panel
241) Jaylene was an adorable kid...not
240) Parapoxia hopes his bumblebee tattoo won't ruin his tough-guy image
239) Krayden is the elvish fanboy! Fanboy for elves? Eh, you get it.
238) You should know those big elfy ears aren't for show, Jaylene
237) She waited until they were well outside the village to tackle him.
236) Llorack, you have terrible running form. I'll forgive you cuz you're blind.
235) Two stories going on, watch the little scribbles in the back!
234) Someday, you may learn the histories of the book and unimpressed Ananda.
233) And that's why I was excited about coming to the taar village.
232) Are the glasses part of the physical, doctor?
231) If you haven't noticed the ears thus far, you're in for a shock
230) Are you sure, Jaylene? That sounds an awful lot like a temper tantrum...
229) Yay! If you can read my cursive, you are bilingual!
228) The bunny was alive, so when it escaped, I no longer had to worry about drawing it!
227) Please don't ask where the puppets came from
226) Hey look, now she looks like an elf instead of a human w/ pointy ears!
225) Like you can tell if cartoon characters can sing.
224) That's how Kimmy and I end silly, fake arguments
223) Mountains: you only know you're on them when it's steep. It's tough to draw that
222) Dumb animal puns, thy name is Amal Generation
221) Gnomes: their word for 'liar' translates to 'traitor'
220) Our mid mgmt. warrior boldly enters the meeting, sticker emblazoned on his face!
219) Kretzin Turnbackle: Adventures in Mid Management!
218) That lady's wearing a corset and Shiela's wearing a bra. Bras are uncommon.
217) Why yes, that is Epitome in the corner!
216) I dare you to use that last line the next time someone doesn't buy your excuse
215) I'd put something clever here, but all I can think is 'Oh shit'
214) There is no 'meanwhile' cuz these are different times of day. Huh
213) This is what we needed! To laugh at him! Stupidhead!
212) Jaylene ditched them before they got to sing it to her. They weren't bummed.
211) And the sportsmanship of the year award goes to...!
210) Cleo is arguing with a housecat. That's why it took so long to get offended. Duh.
209) Because if you're like me, your eyes will glide right over her wall of text.
208) Click for a larger image!
207) How to successfully avoid a recap and not answer any questions! |:/
206) Because taking responsibility for your actions is way more interesting!
205) Cleo's commentary is, of course, completely off the world's stage
204) Yeah, just set fire to everything. That's your thang, isn't it?
203) This is the guy! This is the guy who hired him! Who is worse?
202) Eleanor has clearly had the biggest adventure of the four!
201) Alright, Shiela and Ray, come clean: who's side are you on?
200) Colin's the guy Eleanor elbowed in the face in Part One!
199) I've been reading way too much Oots lately
198) That is Velstein's only line. Sorry dude, you're a NPC.
197) Enough with aerial views already! We know what's there! Sheesh.
196) I'd use eye color to say who's talking, but they're both black.
195) Obviously, Ananda is less dedicated to the truth than the others.
194) That was the mayor talking on the last page. FYI.
193) He looks so much like his father here...
192) Her color choices for her arrows make a lot more sense now.
191) My favorite part is the very immature, conspicuously lone finger
190) Hey, we all remember Ian, right?
189) Yes it is Ray...What an astute observation...Not creepy at all...
188) Stripes on wings are not typical of peregrine falcons
187) This page is obscure, yet oddly telling... Dot dot dot...
186) Those are Jaylene's arrows, of course.
185) The granary was protected against water, not big-ass boulders
184) The summoning of the siege towers made all of their wizards faint
183) There is no hood cuz that would be a continuity error from pg 2 on!
182) It's hard to make one snarky comment for three different scenes
181) The creation of this comic was interrupted by squeaks and giggles.
180) Those uniforms use hooks and loops! Buttons are new technology! Ooh
179) It's split in two: the anticlimax and the rising action!
178) That's an ironing spell. His clothes are wrinkly
177) Seriously, have you ever seen someone ride llama-back into battle?
176) The auspicious next morning-everything will come together now.
175) This is my job! Except disciplining little kids is probably easier
174) I'm pretty sure the answer is 'C'
173) Perspective and I quarreled, and I banned him from my house. Dumb.
172) ...And no one doubted it was a cat. At all.
171) Who could've predicted that Mark would react this way! (everybody)
170) They'll be heroes... After this interrogation
169) Yes, I know the walls changed color. They've been doing that a lot.
168) She may be a better fighter, but he's stronger.
167) GAAAAH She got between the ulna and the radius OUUUCH
166) Mark tried to turn it too- see the sweat drops?
165) Why is a Paralyze Animal spell so big and purplish?
164) Assume this page starts a few seconds before the last one
163) Yes, I know the word is inscribe. Language isn't her forte.
162) Ask a karate person to demonstrate that disarm. It's fun!
161) I'm pretty sure those bandannas are dual purpose
160) Cleo knowth the eth thound ith the motht likely to be heard
159) Wow! Except for the shoes, he's in the exact same outfit as before!
158) Guess what's right below the slums!
157) Thank you, high school chem class, for being this hilarious
156) Rule of Diplomacy #9: Different Places Need Different Faces
155) Note to aspiring cartoonists: this is a lousy format
154) Keeping her arm up must have been a herculean effort
153) Yes, there are speech bubbles, but all I see is Argue, Argue, Argue
152) He said green AURA! Not plant! Sheesh.
151) Nothing to say except Ananda really needs to cut her bangs. Woo.
150) Double entry just to keep the pattern going :)
149) Double entry for expediency's sake
148) Double entry because it looked AWFUL as a single page
147) Of course she was coming back, she's in the bloody background!
146) Mark has noticed the sizzling! What now?
145) Three days? She must be bored out of her mind!
144) Yeahhhh... What if you don't know what they sound like, either?
143) Ananda is gullible; see page six
142) The epic tale of journal shopping!
141) I ran out of ink for Cleo's hair god dammit now it's a flat color!
140) His name is Timothy because the name Tiffany came to mind.
139) Way to ruin the cliché, Ananda
138) Mark raised dust on a paved street! How amazing!
137) In which Cleo looks a gift horse in the mouth
136) This is a dumb strip made silly with COLOR and COMMENTARY!
135) Boom! Sorry, action stopped. Stupid interfering brother grawr
134) The green surrounds her, but doesn't engulf her. Scary. (HINT!)
133) Panels? Who needs panels? Nobody, when there's ACTION!
132) It's about damn time there was a fight scene.
131) Meet my little older brother. He carries a wand behind his ear.
130) Cleo was raised right :)
129) "Daddy told me to stay out of politics cuz I am way too blunt."
128) I was too lazy to draw the mob. Please pretend there's a crowd.
127) Cleo is a kitten that makes you say "Aww" while it eviscerates you.
126) I want you to seriously ask yourself who is speaking. It's not me.
125) The first two panels were experiments. I like them!!!!!!!!!!
124) Yep. He noticed it was smoking, then proceeded to drink it. Men.
123) It took five cd's to finish coloring this. SO MUCH TIME
122) There is actually a Rotton Oak Inn. I pass it whenever I go home.
121) I am physically unable to draw buns without chopsticks in them.
120) The layout of these panels isn't dynamic at all.
119) For the record, this isn't diplomacy, it's lying.
118) Cleo has a magical ability to CHANGE THE SUBJECT to avoid brooding.
117) Looks like bad weather is coming. It came fast.
116) Awww, Jaylene has friends! And matures a little! Immature elf...
115) Presumably, Krayden knows alot of trivia.
114) I said his eyes will never be blue. You know what I mean now. Ha!
113) Tracking is actually quite difficult, so I drew it as such.
112) She should almost get hit again for that pun. Geez.
111) The fact that Ananda is not horrified by Cleo's violence.. Hmm..
110) Ananda wanted to dispute that, but Cleo interrupted. Rather rudely.
109) She was in the shadow of the wall, then she wasn't. So there.
107) And this, ladies and gentlemen, is a Straferfiend. Please hug.
106) Why is the blind man leading them? Just... WHY?
105) An update on the other people in this world.
104) She said 'governments,' not 'tyrants.' Hmmmm.
103) Why? Cuz she has the energy of a ferret on speed, that's why!
102) This is the sort of thing I'd've stretched out for a week in part 2
101) Her hair looks nice like that. Inane comment, ho!
100) That face is better then the loudest alarm clock
99) Well, that answers that question!
98) Let's all congratulate Cleo on getting her face that red, that fast
97) HEY don't confuse him so much there's only so much he can take!
96) The start of Part Three! Seems like psychohistory to me...
95) She was right, we did want to see this
94) When told to think about horses, she had sensations, not sentences
93) Cleo, lacking understanding, opts to be silly
92) I love those convenient landscapes
91) Nope, I usually do these things! Whatever are you talking about!
90) The fantasy webcomic just got fantastical
89) The chibi is plotting! Everybody run and hide!
88) What do these girls actually know about sailing, anyway?
87) Cleo is the only smart one. She is sleeping.
86) Those are good shoes. They wouldn't be as good if they were darker.
85) Is dissolvation a word? Is it? She mangles this language!
84) Mark is lost in the stars again
83) Ah, Mark... So blissfully ignorant of what his caring looks like
82) Cleo is fun! She says things you would NEVER ordinarily hear!
81) These two just go together, you know?
80) Two-in-One! Krayden is so flippin' CUTE
79) Two-in-One! Krayden! The moon is made of green cheese! Really!
78) Two-in-One! You can't not love people who use the word 'wonky'
77) Two-in-One! Read this one slowly, Kali... numnut
76) Two-in-One! That was a bitch move, Jaylene
75) Two-in-One! Hey we know who those puppets are supposed to represent!
74) You should be sorry, racist bastard!
73) You know it's a cartoon when the door slams and becomes triplets :)
72) Two in One! Gee, THAT guide isn't biased AT ALL
71) Two in One! Jaylene is very long winded
70) Two in One! Her suddenly being taller is not a continuity error
69) Two in One! Second panel: no-one wins the self-esteem contest
68) Hey, if your guide isn't moving, you shouldn't either
67) Yes, Mark has a not-so-quiet silly streak :)
66) Was this an excuse to draw Ananda as a pirate queen again? Naaaah
65) This guy is CLEARLY not a leader.
64) I saw this hair-do at a crosswalk. I almost got maced for staring
63) I just like what this says about everything.
62) This is the only thing I remember from Chem class.
61) Daggers won't help with goos! ...Wait, that was the point, huh?...
60) Some of those bows require a LOT of strength. No foolin'.
59) Splash page of the Sping! C'est awesome, oui?
58) Dis is how ze Sping communicates, apparently
57) Mark breaks the fourth wall! And ze author gets the hint! Woot!
56) Wow, what a strange conversation...
55) asking all the tough questions! Can't run away w Cleo on top, can ya?
54) Ananda's expressions always turn out so fabulous!
53) Preferably in this condition, right?
52) These poses come directly from memories w my sisters. Good times...
51) She looks more like a hippie than a philosopher. Oh well.
50) Ok is such a useful word- it shouldn't be confined to one planet :)
49) The second beginning! Not as exciting as the first
47) Isn't it nice to see everyone agree?...
46) Guess who saw the comic! And DIDN'T find it funny!
45) Sheila and Ray, the Brave!
44) I really disturbed myself with this one.
43) There's a line between evil and badass, and this guy is ON it!
42) Cleo got over her fear fast
41) This is what my storyboards look like
40) This is when I got sick and tired of drawing forest backgrounds
39) That is da bomb girl's handwriting, not ze author's
38) Trinitrotoluene is TNT!!!!!!!
37) Hey new characters! This is relevant!!!
36) Whoa Ananda disappeared! Eerie!
35) That bruise on her arm is huge!
33) The cat thought she was REALLY dirty
32) Damn if she doesn't have a heart attack
31) What do YOU think's goin' on in the third panel?
30) Ananda has broken Rule of Diplomacy #2
29) I'd agree with Cleo...
28) BOOM! That's what she says
27) I lost perspective!
26) Ananda wishes she had time to protest
25) Her pants keep changing length :p
24) Heeeeey, the horse didn't get down!
23) Love the faces here, esp that last panel
22) Hmmmm, why's she so cheesed off?...
21) Ananda can deal with her now, heh heh
20) I giggled incessantly when coloring this :) :)
19) Cleo's pointing was totally superflous
18) Zink! Fantasy webcomic... Character development!
17) Zink! Fantasy webcomic- shrinking tiger, ominous reflection
16) Zink! Fantasy webcomic... That's a freakin' huge tiger!
15) Zink! Fantasy webcomic... Not afraid to stand alone
14) Zink! Fantasy webcomic... Harsh, dude, just harsh
13) Zink! Fantasy webcomic... Awww, Mark's so sweeet!
12) Zink! Fantasy webcomic... Rule of Diplomacy #1
11) Zink! Fantasy webcomic... You can look up those lyrics, you know em
10) Zink! Fantasy webcomic... Introducing two new characters!
9)   Zink! Fantasy webcomic... You know, I was wondering the same thing
8)   Zink! Fantasy webcomic... Ouch! You hit ze nail on the head
7)   Zink! Fantasy webcomic... I made that outfit as ugly as possible
6)   Zink! Fantasy webcomic... Way to avoid the question, girl
5)   Zink! Fantasy webcomic... Meet a misanthrope. A moody misanthrope :D
4)   Zink! Fantasy webcomic... You'll see that sign again, don't fret
3)   Zink! Fantasy webcomic... Why yes, it WAS a flashback! Good job!
2)   Zink! Fantasy webcomic... Mmm colored pencil's good for sand
1)   Zink! Fantasy webcomic... The beginning. WooOooOoo!
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