Sasha and Aust

1: Marketplace YAY!

2: There is a five letter word for this woman.

3: Hyper kids are really fun to give sugar to...Then give them back to their parents.

4: Sneaking out of the house to learn! How scandalous!

5: What do you know? She's pretty good!

6: He has such a way with the ladies.

7: It brings to mind that five letter word again, also bitter.

8: Well at least she stands up for others.

9: He just doesn't see the problem with her staying in his room...

10: Breakfast! The highlight of the conversation

11: She did? Whoa didn't see that coming!

12: The kid likes trees.

13: That's a quick way out of a tree.

14: Hey look they're all grown up!

15: Little known fact: Halflings will put almost anything on their head.

16: It's what moms do: embarrass their children.

17: Kites are awesomely convenient!

18: Yeah, she gets most of it from him.

19: And Sasha is in no way surprised at this development.

20: A pair of lovable twits

21: She just won't hear you

22: Girl, you move too fast!

23: No alt text

24: This is a very merry page that was nonetheless enjoyable.

25. Yeah, sniffing people isn't creepy or weird

26. It's a world where 'airhead' is a racial slur

27. Wow, this type of humor is new

28. Aust is under the impression people LISTEN to good advice

29. The shortest battle scene on this site

30. There is now an obese teenaged dragon in the comic.

31. Don't be fat. Don't be cocky. Definitly don't be both at once.

32. Another really short fight scene! WHOOP

33. Fun fact: Michelle still doesn't know how that conversation went

34. Age appropriate for those two, I guess

35. He could've said that killing dragons is a major aphrodisiac

36. Note: the illustrator feels really uncomfortable with this scene and would rather display porn.

37. This page was late cuz the illustrator wanted to strangle Sasha.

38. The illustrator is running out of ink

39. The benefits of manuallly doing text are evident on this page

40. Can you say, "wall of text?"

41. That used to be a wombat. Now your guess is as good as mine.

42. Kartane has issues that he is slowly getting over

43. The village saw them coming, ok? Then sent a healer out cuz strangers always need one.

44. Ok, this story will get a non-stupid point any year now

45. They were there for MONTHS

46. Definetely not the safest terrain

47. A red dragon and a gold dragon protect this city. What's that tell you?

48. As in, don't have any more. Seriously. Bad idea.

49. What did the doctor say? Just last week too, grargh!

50. This is the last part, just so you know. Should be over soon

51. Those two have been making out at the entrance since forever

52. My scanner is being an evil little bitch

53. Those are Bags of Holding- they went on a MASSIVE shopping spree

54. Who needs Skype when you've got magic!

55. Screaming at your kid shouldn't make you feel better, jerk

56. Ermigawrsh its been colored in PhotoShop! Welcome the new normal!

57. More PhotoShop! Now with FONT! Another first for this site!

58. Sasha, you SAID he could come by whenever! So its been a few months, don't be a liar!

59. "Stuck in the Bridge Cities," "the check is in the mail," etc are basically the same thing.

60. That's what her name is, don't wear it out

61.That's the best shit-eating grin I've ever drawn

62. You have no idea how much I love drawing that prop baby

63. I'm not getting anywhere with those speech bubbles, I don't know what I'm doing

64. Aust is doing the best he can with what he's got, in the artist's humble opinion :P

65. Look at Bella's face! Prop Baby truly is her child!


67. Bella's being kind of a bitch, and Aust is being kinda mean about it

68. Fun with color effects! Also everyone is being horribly childish.


70. Goddammit, Bella. God damn it, meddler.

71. Stuff you hear enough of plenty in discussions that really have better things to concern
themselves with

72. Guess who got a tablet and is screaming with excitement!!!!!

73. He kept that secret for years just to fold like a dry leaf under Sasha. *MANLINESS*

74. This is late I'm very sorry but there was no real reason

75. Bella is determined. She does not like Aust, can't you tell?

76. Time passed! Can you tell? Ugh, sickening.

77. Oh yeah, everyone's pissy about this.

78. Well he finally removed that blasted stick from his hair