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December 10, 2011
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Girl, you move too fast!
I was actually kind of uncomfortable drawing this page. Not because of the make-out or anything, but
because of the romance. I don't normally do romance stories. I do stories with action! Intrigue! And
smart-alecs! Say, Michelle, does that remind you of an announcement you've been meaning to make?

(I'm this subtle in real life too.)

Yes Fevley it does! I have asked Fevley to draw my most recent story. I could try, but stick figures don't
quite capture the essence of this particular story. It will have action! It will have intrigue! And it will have
plenty of sassy remarks! Best of all, it starts being posted on the Tuesday after New Year's Day! We will
put the cover art up on New Year's though.

P.S. - If you do indeed like stick figures and D&D based adventure/comedy you should check out
Order Of
The Stick. I love your comic Rich Burlew!
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